At Teekay Offshore, we think and act like owners and we are driven by a desire to create lasting value for our stakeholders without risking the greater good. As our success continues, we remain committed to the highest level of safety and quality, and to delivering innovate and smart solutions, both technically and commercially.

Guided by our Spirit values, we take pride in having a strong sense of moral responsibility, we believe that strong leadership enables our employees to play their biggest game, and know that the greatest things are achieved together.

Get to know a few of our colleagues around the world whose passion and dedication embody the #TeekaySpirit. If you see yourself as part of this dynamic and global team, we would love to hear from you.


That Lego Guy Christian Fjell

Christian put his naval architecture skills to use and turned a hobby into his personal trademark at Teekay.

"It makes me feel proud to be affiliated with the Teekay logo"

— Christian Fjell

A Career at Teekay Stig-Morten Helland

When Stig-Morten first applied for a job at Teekay many years ago, he never anticipated he would be here this long. What has kept him here all this time is the fact that no two days are ever the same. He's constantly challenged – and given the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

"I found a new direction at Teekay"

— Stig-Morten Helland

Keeping People Safe Colin Patterson

Colin describes safety in a simple way: and that is the conscience for the company. In safety, nothing’s gained by keeping secrets – so maintaining open and honest relationships is the foundation for keeping people safe.

"We are the conscience of the company"

— Colin Patterson

Personal Development Fraser Kerr

Fraser’s experience working on the Libra project helped him develop both personally and professionally. His word of advice to any young engineer: if you ever get the opportunity to work on a large project, take it with both hands – it will be the best decision you ever make. 

"One of the best decisions I've made - both personally and professionally"

— Fraser Kerr

Transparency & CollaborationRichard Dodunski

Consistent, open and honest dialogue is the key to ensuring we deliver on our customer’s expectations. Richard’s role as an asset manger revolves around these principles and he strives to be open and transparent about everything we do.

"Consistent, open and honest dialogue"

— Richard Dodunski

A Champagne Moment Inger Odeggard

Inger gives her all every day, especially in her role as Godmother to Scott Spirit. When her champagne bottle didn't break the first time around, she made sure the second time was unforgettable. 

"It was a very proud moment when I was asked to be the Godmother"

— Inger Odeggard

A Proud Day Chris Brett

Safety, safety, safety. It is our number one value for a reason. Chris reflects on his proudest day - and why it is so important to ensure that people return home safely. 

"Total recordables hit zero"

— Chris Brett

Dreams Come TrueEli Gjesdal

Eli has been close to the shipping industry since a young child. It has been a part of her family history - and she is proud to continue that legacy as part of her own career.

"It was like a dream come true"

— Eli Gjesdal

Leadership Qualities All AroundNicolas Gervais

2nd Officer Nicolas is striving hard to learn and develop his career - he sees leadership qualities in the team around him; and that pushes him on to achieve more.

"Whether onshore or onboard, leadership is very important here"

— Nicolas Gervais

Passion and Positive EnergyTimothy Stanley

1st Engineer Timothy Stanley understands the passion and positive energy required to ensure a healthy, safe workplace. His focus on people helps make the Teekay culture the power behind the brand.

"When people are positive and passionate, it can be infectious and contagious"

— Timothy Stanley

Marine Engineer DreamCybell Arslanian

Cybell is a cadet from the centre of Canada - a long way from the ocean. But she had a dream, and is on the way to fulfilling it at Teekay.

"It's a changing work environment so they have to get used to seeing more females"

— Cybell Arslanian